Traditionnal Doming
Micro Doming
Maxi Doming
Textile Doming

Traditionnal doming

The majority of the domes has simplified geometrical shape or outline to which the resin provides a qualitatic and shining effect.

Since the beginning of the company, our goal is to bring an industriel extent to the doming’s manufacturing. To do so, we chose to only specialize in this technique in order to master every one of its aspects. This strategy aims at ensuring a better quality of fabrication along with reducing the costs. Today, the doming technique is easy to reach, and it can provide a real plus to your labels at a reasonable cost even for sets of less than 100 pieces. Thanks to this tool, we ensure a short time period of fabrication that won’t exceed 1 week, no matter the volumes of your product; from the unit to the million, from the cm2 to the m2, the doming has never been that simple and reachable.

Our goals are set to satisfy our clients, and all our team works in perfect coordination and autonomy in order to answer your needs.

Adaptation, innovation and service are guarantee of success that we offer for all your projects.

The doming consists pouring a dome of transparent polyurethane resin of about 2mm on printed support.

Silkscreen printing, numerical printing or offset printing, protective dome builds-up the colours and provides a new dimension to your visuals. Our doming found in several areas of activity, including:

Micro Doming

This technique allows us to design a very thin lettering that creates a splendid 3D lettering.

Our primary goal the entire satisfaction of our clients and to do so, we’re pushing the limits of the technique. In fact, the automatic machine dedicated the micro doming can create markings with nettings of 2mm. This technique can create letterings of an extreme finesse which brings a remarkable design.

Because resin is thick, our lettering can’t be thinner than 2mm; however, if you need a lettering thinner than that, we can use the Ecochrome technology which can create nets of 1mm.

Maxi Doming

This technique allows creating a protective effect that the resin offers to the support. It replaces the Plexiglas by offering a strong resistance to any impacts and various aggressions while giving a shining effect and a perfect finish.

The maxi doming is made of a thicker dome of resin which enhanced its 3D aspect. This technique is used in a variety of areas:

Textile Doming

Now we can use the doming technique on clothes. The method stays the same, only the support changes. You just need to supply us with a thermo adhesive tape.

Our doming’s technique highlights your support thanks to a naturally shiny effect and its relief.

By replacing the adhesive tape to a layer of hot glue, the doming can be applied on a textile by using a thermal press which will allow you to dispose of all the advantages of the doming on your textile (sport, fashion, clothes, bags, accessories).